7 Social Media Tricks Every Business Should Use This Year

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Social Media Tricks

There are a number of businesses who still have no idea how to use social media. The sizes of these businesses don’t matter – they range from startups to companies who have been marketing for decades.

The point becomes clear that social media tricks for every business come into focus as being one of the most important factors heading into the new business year. Check out these 7 social media tricks to begin your business social media path.

1. Think About What You Want

social media tricksYou’ll need to consider your end result before beginning your social media presence. You write a sales projection, don’t you? Approach social media marketing in the same light.

Some realistic goals for your campaign include awareness of your brand, customer service, lead generation and reputation management.

Social media makes all these goals easily obtainable if they are managed correctly.

2. Give Your Brand a Voice

Customers are expecting a more human feel to advertising these days, and that’s partly due to the rise in social media marketing. Consider what voice your company and brand need to have for your success, then train anyone who has company access to your social media to maintain this voice with you.

3. Find the Bottom of the Barrel

Generalized marketing is no longer effective with the individualized attention available through Internet platforms such as social websites. You have a golden opportunity to pinpoint even the smallest of the smallest segments of your target market and gain their attention. Use these tools to grab that tiny segment and turn them into paying customers.

4. Discover Communities

social media tricksGoing after those micro segments of your customer base will help you discover new communities to pursue for sales.

The new definition of community is a group of people who value the same thing, not necessarily just a large group of people. While you’re targeting these communities, you’re also building one of your own, based around what you are selling. This community will share what you are giving them, which is a plus in social media marketing – free word of mouth advertising for you.

5. Find Their Influences

To further push yourself into these communities and to increase the people in the community you’ve built, discover what influences them to purchase from you.

There are always driving factors behind each purchase; you want to find these points and learn how to repeat them over and over. Perhaps it’s peer pressure or a desire to own something credible.

Use social media to your advantage here and ask satisfied customers to comment on your social pages. Again, this is more word of mouth advertising that’s free to you.

6. Have a Plan of Action – and Include Metrics

social media tricksYou’re going to want to highlight a plan of action. This will probably happen when you decide what you want to do with your social media presence, but now you need to get specific. Again, you write down metrics for your sales, right? Do the same with your social media marketing ideas. You’ll need something for comparison when you move on to the last step.

7. Analyze Like Crazy

Keep an eye on how well social media is working for your conversion and ROI. Some pages, such as Facebook, provide metrics (Facebook Insight) so businesses can see if the page is working out. Look around your business social media page and dig up the metrics to make sure your efforts are being recognized by paying customers.

If you have any other questions, or just want to share your thoughts – please use the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.

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