Asking For A Promotion? 6 Things Your Boss Needs To Hear You Say

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With so much uncertainty in the current job market, asking for a promotion can be more stressful than ever. No thoughtful employee wants to come off as overly-ambitious and in certain situations, rocking the boat at the wrong time can create unwanted tension.

However, if you’ve determined that now is the time to ask for that raise or promotion, you should plan your opening ahead of time. According to Forbes, many employees are denied promotions because they fail to phrase their requests in an effective manner.

The following phrases aren’t magic words but they may be just what your boss needs to hear you say.

#1 Point Out How You Can Help The Company

[quote style=”boxed”]”I think I could help our company more effectively if I were locked into the role of…”[/quote]

Don’t launch into comparisons to other potential candidates. Stick to your qualifications. Mention the tasks you already tackle in that category without the promotion.

#2 Outline Your Company Trajectory

[quote style=”boxed”]”What does my company trajectory look like?”[/quote]

Rather than coming right out and asking for a promotion, ask your boss for tips on your “company trajectory.” Express interest in the next step and verify what the requirements are. By laying your achievements out on the table, he may realize you are ready.

#3 Ask For A Review

[quote style=”boxed”]”Can we schedule the next review now?”[/quote]

Show your boss you are ready for a promotion by asking for a review. Be open to criticism and suggestions during the process. After the review is complete, end the meeting by letting the manager know you are committed to improvement and reaching the next level.

#4 Ask To Join The Leadership Team

[quote style=”boxed”]”Do you have room for another player on the leadership team?” [/quote]

This question acknowledges the current regime of leaders while requesting entrance, in a respectful way. That’s a winning lead in!

#5 Outline Your Achievements

[quote style=”boxed”]”Wow! I reached the top sales position–again! I’m interested in talking about what’s next.” [/quote]

You’ve proven your skills with an established track record. Now it’s time to talk promotion.

#6 Take Advantage Of Changes In The Company

[quote style=”boxed”]”I see our company is restructuring in some areas. I’d like to talk to you about how I think I can help.”[/quote]

If change is already occurring in your company, now is a good time to ask for a promotion. Think about how you can help before you ask though.

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