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Mega-successful entrepreneurs like Virgin Group’s CEO, Richard Branson know how to maximize each moment. Efficient time management can make the difference between a lackluster presentation and one that floors the client. Want to create some needed momentum? Learn how to manage your time for maximum productivity.

Work your calendar like a pro–it all begins in the planning stage.

So how to begin?

Write it all down

This advice from Stanford University is the perfect way to start successful time management. Keep a notebook handy and as important dates, tasks and ideas come to you, right them down. That way when you do get ready to formulate a plan, you’ll have most of the information already on hand. Also, if you have multiple lists, combine them in your “brain book” for easy access.

Create multiple calendars

For example, use a weekly, monthly, 10-week and even yearly calendar. This is especially helpful if you have a big goal to tackle. Tracking your progress in increments not only encourages you to continue, it will keep you on the right track for success.

Assign yourself rewards along the way and plan for them

It pays to reward yourself for achieving goals and sticking to your schedule. During the calendar planning process, plan on rewarding yourself with something special. Self rewards don’t have to be monetary. However, gifting yourself with a book you’ve been dying to read is great motivation for sticking to the official “to do” list. Work in small rewards for the week, month or quarter.

Plan snippets of time for smaller tasks, too

Boring tasks like updating the filing system or deleting unneeded photos aren’t big priorities but they can distract you. When creating your plan, include snippets of time for tackling those menial tasks. Performing a mundane 15 minute task each day can make the difference. You don’t have to plan by the hour; break those sections into smaller chunks to get more bang for your buck.

Take control of your time and work it efficiently. Here’s a nice infographic that will help you achieve maximum productivity

manage your time

Ivana Zuber
Ivana Zuber
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Ivana Zuber
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